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Take a magical journey into the future and discover breathtaking magic! We present you a unique and original show perfect for the whole family!


Two magicians always work together, right?
Not in this show! The audience loved the idea of two magicians competing with each other so …let the best magician win!


Competitive card manipulation act (6 minutes)
2 magicians -dynamic music- 600 cards – 2 minutes of manipulation blindfolded part in the act


An original illusion created by Eduard & Bianca.
A beautiful illusion reinvented, rebuilt and redesigned! It can be performed surrounded by people and it still looks impossible!

12 years of magic and here are a few of our favorite moments

2008 – 1st place – National Magic Championship – Galati, Romania;

2009 – 1st place & Grand Prix – Corodini International Budapest, Hungary;

2010 – First theater show as a magic duo; 

2011 – Semifinalists at „Romania’s Got Talent”;

2012 – Starting a magical collaboration with the local theater that will continue for more than 5 years and will result 4 shows for adults and 2 magic shows for kids;

2013 – Making a real car appear in front of live audience for the first time in Romania; 

2014 – Presenting the first big escape in Romania at Brasov International Magic Festival;

– Introducing to people the concept of wedding magician and creating a costumized wedding show and a website dedicated only for magic at weddings

2015 – We opened our own online magic shop – www.Magic-House.ro

2016 – We always wanted to make a change in our community and we were volunteers in different organizations since high school but in 2016 we created our own organization dedicated to children and in the last years did wonderful project to help children develop their creativity though magic 

2017 – We presented for the first time our original magic show Magician VS Magician, an interactive, funny and unique show 

–  Magician VS Magician give us the chance to participate and present our work in Beijing, China at the biggest International Magic Festival

– In the same year Bianca is invited to be a speaker at TEDx Woman and she has the chance to talk about our magic workshops for kids and about how magic can help us grow and develop in an unique way

2018 – We started combining magic and technology and we created a new magic show – #MAGIC

– In the same year our organization started the “Magic Box” project 

– In december we presented “Santas magicians” a new theatre show for the whole family. 

2019 – 3rd place at Golden Cat International Magic Festival – Gabrovo, Bulgaria

– 1st place at Belgrad International Magic Festival, Serbia

– We created our own original magic product that is now selling worldwide – Diamond Display

– Finalists at iUmor, a comedy tv show contest 

– We wrote our first book „Cartea cu magie” – a magic book that help children learn magic with everyday objects

– Our passion for magic and technology helped us create a wonderful and unique magic show – “Future Magic”

2020 – 4th place at IFM Russia
– First online Magic Festival in Romania


We proudly present the world’s first 3D printed 4-deck display!

It’s more than just a simple card case designed to protect your precious playing cards. It’s a beautiful piece that looks incredibly elegant on any desk!


If you are searching for more magic we invite you to explore our magic shop.
We have all the latest magic and we deliver all over Europe.



In the last 10 years we were volunteers in different organizations and that motivated us to create our own organisation. We started our activity in 2016 and our main goal is to help children, using magic as a method to develop creativity, imagination, sleight of hand, attention and even patience.

            www.Simte-Magia.org                                https://www.facebook.com/SimteMagia/

Contact us!

    Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our magic or if you have more questions!

    +40 743 230 939 | +40 742 230 682